Below are some other interesting rose sites on the WWW

Major organizations sponsoring old roses

bullet Heritage Rose Foundation
bullet Heritage Roses Group

Nurseries donating roses or budwood/cuttings to the SJHRG

bullet Amity Rose and Garden Nursery
bullet Antique Rose Emporium
bullet Edmund's Roses
bullet Greenmantle Nursery
bullet Regan's Nursery


Web Sites Offering Information About Roses

bullet American Rose Society
bullet Brent C. Dickerson
bullet Help Me Find 
bullet Flower Library: The Rose
bullet Mel Hulse's article: "Rooting Roses in a Terrarium - A Cheap and Easy Way"
bullet Curator Jill Perry's blog: "Ramblings of a Rose Maniac"

Site with Heritage Pictures

bullet Karen Schaffer's Gardening in the Valley of Heart's Delight (see gorgeous SJHRG panorama pictures)
bullet Masha's Blog: A Rose is a Rose...

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