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Jill Perry, Curator

Garden Report, Fall 2009

The Heritage Rose Garden wins a Major Award

This year the Great Rosarians of the World (GROW) executive committee voted to add a new element, the Rose Garden Hall of Fame, to their annual program. This new award recognizes the world’s great rose gardens and hopes to promote them both internationally and locally. On May 18th we held the ceremony to celebrate GROW naming San Jose's Heritage Rose Garden as the first inductee into this Hall of Fame. As Volunteer Curator, I emceed the program, which included City Councilman Sam Liccardo, who dropped by to express appreciation for the volunteers' dedication to the garden and noted that, in this economy, volunteers are needed more than ever.

GROW representative Clair Martin presented the Hall of Fame award and was followed by a short speech by Barbara Oliva from the Sacramento City Cemetery Historic Rose Garden and another by Jeri Jennings, editor of Heritage Rose Group newsletter. Ms. Jennings noted that rosarians around the world should consider San Jose's Heritage Rose Garden "mecca" and visit at least once in their life.

Friends of GRPG recognized the tremendous efforts of volunteers David Giroux, Scott Papenfus, Manesh Rao, John Rizzi, Marianne Sugg, Emily Williams, Brian Debasitis, me and all the other garden volunteers through the years. There was also special recognition of Tom Liggett for his efforts to get the garden started in the early 1990s. We paid tribute to the late Mel Hulse, who was a guiding force for the garden until his passing last year. Mel's wife Loan joined us and was honored with the planting of a new rose that bears her name. All in all, it was a very fitting tribute to the vision and hard work of hundreds of wonderful, community-minded people. You can read more about the GROW award here: Great Rosarians of the World website.

Some pictures from the event (Courtesy of FGRP&G weblog):

New Event to start in October, 2010: "Fall in the Heritage Rose Garden"

There are so many rose events in the spring, that we decided it would be a great idea to have an event in the fall. It will take place on the first Saturday in October. The garden has lots of bloom, and the once blooming roses have a nice display of hips. The weather is usually warm and sunny.

We plan to propagate and sell some of our rare roses, have talks and workshops on such topics as organic rose gardening, composting, landscaping with heritage roses, uses of rose hips, and propagating roses. We will need volunteers at the event and to babysit cuttings while they root, etc. If you want to help in any way, contact Jill (see bottom of this page).

Other news

In the previous newsletter, there was a paragraph about our soils improvement program, run by Brian Debasitis of Mauby All Natural. In the nearly three years since that was written, we are now finding worms everywhere we dig, and far fewer roses are dying each year. Unfortunately, gophers also started moving in, so now all new roses are being planted in gopher baskets. Right now we are trying to plant as many roses from our nursery as we can, so they can take advantage of the winter rains to get settled in to their new home.

Our nursery is full due to generous donations by many people. Donations can be made to the Mel Hulse Fund which is used to purchase heritage roses from specialty nurseries such as Vintage Gardens. If you would like to donate to the fund and help us continue to add more heritage roses to the garden, contact Jill (see bottom of page).

Workdays. Workdays are Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 9 to 12. Bring a hat, we will supply bypass shears and leather gloves. We'll show you how! COME and work in the roses for as long as you enjoy it.

Jill Perry, November 2009, with help from FGRP&G weblog and Clair Martin's weblog.

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