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Garden Report - Fall 1999

Mel Hulse, Garden Maintenance Director

bulletThe Summer and Fall of 1999 continued a wonderful year of great blooms.
The originally planted roses are now mature and are giving us the
best bloom yet.

The relatively cool summer insured that heat didn't wipe out the
reds. The Teas, unpruned last winter grew to unprecedented heights with one 'Rosette Delizy' reaching over 10 feet!

The Fall flush has been wonderful and at this writing hasn't stopped yet. We've had scattered fall blooming of some of the "once-blooming" OGRs

La Nina has not been as harsh on the garden as El Nino was last year. We lost some plants to late rain caused disease, but not so many as last year. Quick action has saved many plants. La Nina is continuing so we may expect both a great spring bloom and possible late spring disease problems.


bulletMaintenance Activity.
Winter pruning has already started with most of the Chinas and
Teas completed. The Hybrid Perpetuals, Bourbons, Portlands, Rugosas and other old rebloomers are next. This section has never been pruned and will be a challenge.

Modern rose pruning lessons will start in December.

The replacement of the surface portion of the irrigation system is in full swing. The first 4 beds have been completed and the roses show the difference. Parts for the 16 beds in the inner 3 rings have arrived installation has begun.

This all volunteer effort has proven an easy task, although completing all 80 beds will take another year or so. Funds availability will govern.


bulletPropagation and Planting.
Our post-1987 miniature rose beds in the Courtyard Garden is getting a boost. The recycled water people are using the Courtyard Garden to demonstrate recycled water use. They have repaired the paths, improved the irrigation and will buy miniature roses to fill out that garden as soon as we decide how many and come up with a list.

So far, 59 of the understock plants Mel Hulse budded in place this summer have taken. More may be expected in spring from now dormant eyes. Most of these are old Hybrid Teas using budwood from Vintage Gardens. Thanks, Gregg Lowery.

Additionally, Regan's in Fremont again donated 25 OGRs and 10 weeping miniature standards. These standards provide a lovely backdrop to the minis in the Courtyard Garden especially when viewed from the new benches on the other side of this garden.


bulletExtending the Garden.
We have been granted an exciting opportunity to expand the garden. The University of Santa Clara has a 1/2 mile x 7' fence
at a "Y" junction of main streets. We estimate 270 varieties can be placed 10' apart on that fence. They will start by planting 120 climbers we have collected. We are growing more climbers at Vintage Gardens. We do not intend to duplicate climbers in the main garden.

We are particularly happy with this offer as the university staff will plant and care for these roses. The University and Mission are already justifiably famous for their roses. What a glorious sight the fence will be in several years.


Placing of permanent signage is now in high gear with the hiring
of Janet Sclar on a part time basis. Some beds are complete already.


Volunteer days are now Wednesday and Saturday from 9 - 12
with Sunday to be added in December. We can use any amount of
help you can give us. Come see us!

Note. I have been getting a number of email requests to buy roses. We neither sell nor custom propagate our roses. Nurseries that do are found on the links page.

Mel Hulse, November 11, 1999

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