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Mel Hulse, Garden Maintenance Director

Garden Report, Late Fall 2000

Every summer until now, people would ask me when the peak Fall flush is and I'd guess. Well, this year I decided to keep track so I'll pass this on to you. The peak Spring flush is the end of April. The peak Fall flush is mid October. The warm fall gave us bloom to rival Spring!

Pruning. We have started winter pruning so we'll be sure and get it done. The European old garden roses and China roses are done and we are in the midst of pruning the Tea roses. Shrubs will be next followed by the older Hybrid Teas and Floribundas. In January, I will be giving free pruning lessons in the modern Hybrid Tea and Floribunda section. If you are local, watch the Mercury News Garden Events column for dates. As we finish shrubs, we'll catch the Polyanthas, miniatures and Reblooming European Old Garden Roses.

Planting. We have retrieved 90 roses we grew at Vintage Gardens. One-half of these are for planting in December on the Santa Clara University fence Climbing Roses Annex. The rest are currently being planted in the main garden. We have many more at Vintage to be retrieved and planted. I have about 20 standards (tree roses) and another 25 bushes and climbers I'm growing at home that are nearly ready to be planted.

Irrigation. The Irrigation renewal project continues to make good progress. John Rizzi completed all the beds we have material for. That makes almost one-half the beds. The good news is that San Jose Beautiful, a city program, approved our grant request for an amount to pay for the material to finish the garden.

Signage. All of the plaques for roses located in their permanent locations in the Modern Roses section are placed. Work is well along on the European old garden roses section.

Events.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 28th for our annual "Spring in Guadalupe Gardens" festival. It includes plant and garden equipment sales and tours of the gardens.

The Virtual Rose Society's "Rose Weekend" was such a success that a number of cyberosarians have expressed interest in doing it again the weekend of May 19th. Planning is in progress.

Catalog. Our fifth anniversary, year 2000 catalog continues to be available in the garden on workdays, at the garden center and by mail. E-mail MelHulse@PacBell.Net for details.

Rose sales. I continue to get requests to buy roses. We neither sell nor custom propagate our roses. Nurseries that do are found on the links page.  An exception, In growing roses for the garden we start several to have a high probability of a take. A large number of the duplicates will be available for sale at "Spring in Guadalupe Gardens." We also hope to have space to sell duplicates at the "Celebration of Old Roses" in El Cerito, north of Berkeley, on May 20th.

Mel Hulse, November 16, 2000

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