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Mel Hulse, Garden Maintenance Director

Garden Report - Late Winter 2000

It's DONE! Yes, for the first time in the garden's five years, our wonderful volunteers have completed winter pruning. The garden is already leaping towards a glorious spring bloom. Thanks to all the dedicated, knowledgeable and wonderful volunteers!

Because pruning has been the first priority, little else has been done.

Our irrigation replacement project has been moving along slowly and will now speed up. A couple of workdays should see completion of the June goal, 20 beds out of the 80.

Signage has become an increasing problem to this botanical collection. Most of the plastic tags originally placed by the roses have faded to the point they are unreadable and the Adopt-A-Rose program produces permanent signs at too low a rate. The good news is that we have received a number of generous donations for signage totaling $1,950 that is speeding production of permanent plaques. Several of these donations have been from internet friends from out of the area who have visited and loved our work of art. Still, the cost of completion of garden signage is in 5 figures! We are hoping for further donations.

Planting will start in earnest during late March and April. We have plants in several backyards to get into the garden and the city is buying 100 post 1987 minis for our Courtyard modern mini garden.

We continue to work at Vintage Gardens to grow climbers for the Santa Clara University fence which, by the way already has some bloom. By the time you read this, We should have started even more climbers there.

Mid-April should find our volunteers sprucing up the garden for 'Spring in Guadalupe Gardens" that features the garden. Please help!

Don't forget to attend and see the garden at it's best!


Note. I have been getting a number of email requests to buy roses. We neither sell nor custom propagate our roses. Nurseries that do are found on the links page.

Mel Hulse, March 17, 2000

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