Here's What's Going On in the Garden

This page will be updated from time to time to let you know what's up in the garden.

March 1998 Status:


The garden is rapidly breaking into bloom as this is written (March 15). I plucked a 4 1/2" Irene Watts, China, today. Incredible!


All the pruning that is to be done is completed.

We would like to have pruned the HPs, but, warm, wet el Nino weather moved the roses along faster than our wonderful volunteers could prune. Next year.

We hardly got a start on pruning the Chinas and Teas in December before they decided it was spring. Because they don't much like pruning anyway, we left off pruning them.


Fertilizing. Done. We put 1/2 cup of Sierra brand Ozmocote, 12 - 14 month formulation with minors in the ground next to each rose


Planting. We have a heavy planting requirement this year.

What's to plant:

400+ varieties of own-root varieties in Tom Liggett's nursery greenhouse. These were grown from cuttings:

we were graciously allowed to take from Vintage Gardens, and

those sent to us by several participants in the rec.gardens.roses newsgroup.

120+ varieties of budded roses donated by Edmund's Roses, Arena Roses, and Regan's Roses.

120+ of our imported varieties newly released from quarantine at Vintage Gardens.

50+ varieties grown by Tom Liggett and Mel Hulse.

Planting preparation


While Ed Wilkinson completes the database update for locating the new plantings, volunteers are removing duplicates from the garden to make room for the new varieties. Many great roses are available to folks who spend a day on this effort.


Volunteers will put computer location tags on roses at the nursery.

Roses will be picked up from Vintage Nursery as space becomes available in Tom Liggett's nursery.

Planting days will be announced in the San Jose Mercury News. This will be accomplished over several different weekends.


Miniatures. The South Bay Heritage Rose Group and the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens Corp have voted a total of $1,000 for Miniature Plant Kingdom to propagate heritage miniatures.


Summer Work Days.

Deadheading... Always!

Propagation help. We'll show you how to start cuttings and bud roses if you will help us


Arches. Designs are complete and funding is available to construct 10 arches over paths, between beds.


Volunteer and Education Coordinator. Two ladies are splitting the newly created position. This will give us help in calling folks to help maintain the garden.

Especially needed are knowledgeable rosarians that can take supervisory responsibility for work days.

Mel Hulse
Garden Maintenance Supervisor

Address comments to Mel Hulse