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October 1998 Status:


Fall is coming to the garden with day time temperatures in the 70s and nights in the high 40s. Blooms are magnificent, larger than in the summer. Teas are particularly splendid. The OGRs and Rugosas have set varied and colorful hips. The garden will stay that way until month's end and later. We have stopped deadheading and stopped budding standards in place. By the way, the 10' weeping standard has taken!


Donations. Thanks to Regan's Nursery for around 25 English Roses to help fill out our collection.


Volunteers. Help continues to improve as we gain one or two new helpers a week. I have selected Bracey Tiede as my assistant and others are near that status. This Saturday (Oct 10), we had help from 100 members of the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity from the Univ. of California who pounded stakes, mulched, cut suckers, planted roses and other cleanup work. We hope they will return during pruning time. The Saturday before, Community Impact, a local service organization, gave the garden 5 hours of 40 volunteers to plant roses and clear suckers. This was the fifth help day this great organization has given the garden.

bulletWinter pruning. Pruning lessons for the public start Saturday, November 7th. Lessons will start at 9:00am, after an explanation of pruning techniques for the mid California area.

Students who bring their shears can have them sharpened free. Following the lecture and demonstration, student pruners will be given an opportunity for supervised practice. This builds skills and confidence and gets the garden pruned. From that day on, pruning lessons will continue at 9:00am on each Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday until completed in late February.If you want free pruning lessons and shear sharpening come to the center of the garden on pruning days. Bring hand by-pass shears, gloves, loppers and a hat if you have them. We have a limited number of gloves, shears and loppers if you don't have them. For info, call the Garden Center at 408-298-7657.

Experienced rosarians are needed to help supervise students pruners. Tom Liggett will conduct a pruning clinic for experienced pruners to be held on Saturday, October 24th. All classes of reblooming roses will be covered.


Planting. From time to time during the next few months, we will be working on planting the roses held at Tom Liggett's and at Vintage Gardens nurseries. In addition, we will acquire 200 cuttings of 'Manettii' understock to stick in empty spaces in the garden. These will be budded in the summer for new varieties, 'de la Grifferaei' standard stock and varieties overrun by understock suckering.


Signage. We are zeroing in on a new approach to identification of each rose. The original stakes are wearing out and the metal stake based plaques are too expensive and time consuming to make to get the job done in a hurry. A quicker and cheaper approach is under consideration that will get the job done sooner. More as we decide the specific answer. The goal is good signage by the ARS convention in San Jose in the spring of 2002 and acceptable interim signage until then.

bulletVolunteer days. We are now concentrating on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 - 12. As pruning time arrives, we will have to add Sunday 9 - 12 to get done. For info, call the Garden Center at 408-298-7657. Especially needed are knowledgeable rosarians that can take supervisory responsibility for work days.

Note. I have been getting a number of email requests to buy roses. We do not sell roses. Nurseries who do are found on the links page.

Mel Hulse, September 13, 1998

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