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Mel Hulse, Garden Maintenance Director

Garden Report, Spring 2000

All of our work in completely pruning the garden paid off with a glorious spring bloom! The Teas and Chinas exploded in early April with few visitors to see them. Mark your calendars to see this next year. Due to cool weather, the Hybrid Teas and Floribundas delayed their bloom until the week of our very successful "Spring in Guadalupe Gardens" festival on April 29th. The most garden visitors ever! Another surprise was the early bloom of many Old Garden Roses and Polyanthas. All of these added up to a real spectacle!

Our fifth anniversary, year 2000 catalog is now available in the garden on workdays, at the garden center and by mail. E-mail MelHulse@PacBell.Net for details.

Recognizing that many rose societies had their shows the same day as our festival, we cobbled up a "Rose Weekend" for the Virtual Rose Society, all cyberrosarians on May 20, 21 & 22. This included a day in the garden, the Celebration of Old Roses in El Cerito, CA and a visit to Gregg Lowery's and Phillip Robinson's home garden of over 2600 varieties! Many attended from California, Oregon, Minnesota and Utah. Everyone was "rosed out" by Monday afternoon!

Planting began in earnest with the city purchase of 120 miniatures for the Modern Miniature Collection in the Courtyard Garden next door. Imports maintained by Vintage Gardens for us and others stored by Marianne Sugg are being planted as our curator, Ed Wilkinson finds spaces. These are making up for roses we have lost due to understock suckering despite aggressive sucker removal efforts.

Signage placement continues at the fastest possible rate due to continued generous contributions. Irrigation renewal also continues with another 3 sections about to be started.

Volunteers started cuttings for 46 more varieties of climbing roses at Vintage Gardens toward planting at the "Heritage Climbing Rose Collection" taking shape on the University of Santa Clara fence. This brings the total rose varieties either planted or being grown to 200 of the eventual 250 needed.

While the first flush of Hybrid Teas is fading, there is still much to see such as the second flush of Teas. Remember, a visit every two weeks is like seeing a new garden each time!

Note. I have been getting a number of email requests to buy roses. We neither sell nor custom propagate our roses. Nurseries that do are found on the links page.

Mel Hulse, May 29, 2000

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