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Jill Perry, Curator

Garden Report, Fall 2010

Fall in the Garden

The garden has a wonderful display of hips! This is the time of year when we wait for the rain to start. While we wait, there is plenty to keep us busy- the weeds don't stop growing, there are always irrigation repairs to be done, some roses can be pruned, dead roses are dug up, Jill is starting inventory. After we start getting some rain, we can plant those hundreds of roses in the nursery. We have so many roses to plant, that some are in pots at the homes of volunteers because we don't have room for all of them in the nursery. We won't be buying as many plants this winter as we have in the past few years. We need to get caught up.

Fall in the Heritage Rose Garden Event

We had a successful event on October 2, and raised a significant amount of money for the garden. You can see pictures and videos from the event here: Photos and Videos from Oct 2.

We are already propagating some of our rare roses to sell at next year's event. If you want to help in any way, contact Jill (see bottom of this page). You may also contact Jill if there is a rare rose you think should be propagated. We often don't realize that we have the only plant in the country of some variety until someone tells us.

Other news

Workdays. Workdays are Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 9 to 12. Bring a hat, water and sunscreen, we will supply tools and leather gloves. No experience? We'll show you how! COME and work in the roses for as long as you enjoy it.

Jill Perry, June 2010

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