The South Bay Heritage Rose Group

Dedicated to the study and appreciation of Old roses and to the advancement of The San Jose Heritage Rose Garden as a world resource

We are a chapter of the nation-wide Heritage Roses Group founded by Miriam Wilkins in 1975 to preserve, enjoy and share knowledge of Old or Endangered roses. We have reorganized, and made this chapter a support organization for the Heritage Rose Garden and its volunteers. We welcome the participation of all garden volunteers in South Bay HRG, as well as those who help with special events, and those who aid our propagation efforts.

We have started a two-tiered membership. Those wishing to participate in decision making will be paying members at $5./year. Others may join for free, and receive email news and attend any meetings we may have, but will not be able to vote.

Meetings:  We no longer have regular meetings. We plan to call a meeting whenever we have business that needs to be discussed, or input from members is desired. Members will be notified by email in advance of any meetings.

Heritage Rose Garden Support:  The Group has a special relationship with the Heritage Rose Garden.  Our Group members work in the garden and/or sell roses at fundraisers and help with buying roses for the garden. Funds raised at special events directly support the garden, and pay for this website.

Further Info:  Contact Jill Perry at 831-462-4916, email: To join the group at either the paying or free level, send email to David Giroux.

This page was last updated on 01/24/14.

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